The contributions for the past four years of Southeast Asian scholars based in Southeast Asia to the Regional Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (RJSEAS) give us an idea of the continuously expanding field of Southeast Asian Studies. For a long time, and even now, as I am writing this piece, studies on Southeast Asia have focused on the dominant themes of colonialism, revolution, anti-colonial struggle, and nationalism. This is hardly unexpected since it was only after the second half of the twentieth century that Southeast Asian countries under colonial rule have all gained independence. We are aware, however, that while these are the ascendant themes in the study of t...Read more


LIVING SOUTHEAST ASIA: Photographs of the Region January 05, 2019

As we celebrate and reflect on the milestone that is RJSEAS, we have come to realize that we could still take our journal further. To open our January 2019 issue, we are launching our Facebook Page, “Living Southeast Asia: Photographs of the Region”. In red and yellow—derived from the RJSEAS official logo—the logo for “Living Southeast Asia: Photographs of the Region” is simple and direct. The 11 waves that have been incorporated in the design represent the waters that surround Southeast Asia and its profound impact in shaping life in the region. Arranged thematically per month and consisting of one photo from each of the 11 countries in the region, our firs...Read more

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